Bag The Benz Webinar

Bag The Benz Webinar

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This course is designed to teach business owners how to put the necessary systems in place to purchase a vehicle under their Business using their EIN ONLY.

When: MARCH 5th at 6pm CST (zoom link will be sent in a separate email ) 

In this live training we will cover!!

* Business Structure 

*Filling out the application

*Finding Dealerships

*Commercial Insurance 

*Tax Write off information

*How to approach the dealership of your choice

*Q & A with me

*How to make passive income by turning your vehicle into an asset

* How to approach the dealership

*No Money Down strategy

*Access to my paid Facebook support community

***Personal Credit is NOT USED in this program




Does this program work for new businesses? Yes

Does the vehicle course work in all states? Yes

Does my Business have to make Income? No

Does this teach me how to structure my business correctly? YES

Will there be additional support? Yes private FB group